Shri Differentiators

Wonder Time

This is an activity that encourages young inquisitive minds to experience, observe and question simple experiments. It is experiential and leads children towards the thrill of discovery.

Circle Time

This is a special bonding time that develops in children the confidence to express their opinion in front of familiar people the ability to listen to others thoughts and opinions, without interrupting, to understand the concept of ‘taking turns’ and to wait patiently for their chance to speak, a sense of Team Work and respect for everyone.

Share and Tell

This activity enhances the communication skills and builds confidence in the children to speak in front of an audience. It also gives them a chance to share with others and make more friends.

Safe and secure Environment

In keeping with our philosophy of providing a safe and secure environment for our children, the school has installed CCTVs in all common areas and classrooms. Two full time nurses are part of the team at TSEY and minor accidents or ailments are dealt with immediately. All our cabs are GPRS enabled and are monitored closely by our administrators. Parents can also have access to the tracking of the cab in which their child id traveling. Further, even the cabs have CCTV cameras installed in them and are monitored closely by the admin.

Free Play

This activity fosters creativity and imagination in children. It provides a space and opportunity for them to Role Play the models they see around them. It is also an activity that develops simple Life Skills.

Music and Movement

Far from being just an activity on the time table, Music and Movement is an integral part of the curriculum at TSEY. It enables children to enjoy rhythm and melody and provides them with an opportunity for free expression.


The Shri Ram Early Years School is happy to have received your interest in our school. We look forward to having your ward with us through his/her pre-school years. We have 2 groups at The Shri Ram Early Years:

  • Nanhe Kadam  - equivalent to Play-group
  • Badhte Kadam  - equivalent to Pre-Nursery


Please find below the admission criteria at TSEY.

  • Nanhe Kadam  - Minimum age: 1.5 years onwards
  • Badhte Kadam - Minimum age: 2.5 years onwards

The pre school timings during summer  (April to November) are 9:00 am to 12:15 pm and during winter (December to March) are 9:20 am to 12:35 pm.

For any admission related queries or questions please E-mail us at: or call us at

Ph#: +91- 8882 676 553  /  +91- 9953 613 785

Admissions are open for classes Nanhe Kadam and Badhte Kadam for the current academic session 2017 – 2018.

Click here to download Application Form, Click here to download TSEY Brochure.

Admissions to The Shri Ram Early Years does not guarantee admissions to The Shri Ram Schools.

What to consider when seeking Pre- nursery admissions in Gurgaon

There are many things to consider when you’re looking for the best nursery school for your toddler. After all, it’s their debut into the world of learning and education, and it holds great value in their lives. If you’re feeling a little apprehensive and confused about the process of selection, don’t fret! We have combined a list of factors you should consider when seeking Pre- nursery admissions in Gurgaon for your child!

1. Education philosophy

When you're seeking pre-nursery admission in Gurgaon for your little one, it is imperative to finalize the education philosophy you want for them and their future. Hence, it is one of the most important things to know before you seek nursery admissions. This includes the nature of learning provided by the institute, the learning environment, whether there is holistic development along with basic learning or not. Some schools emphasize drilling concepts at a young age, while some focus on cognitive development first and involve parents in the learning process. Hence, you must choose the school you feel matches your idea of education.

2. Scope of opportunities

Choosing the right nursery school for your child is the catalyst that determines how your child will develop in all areas of life. Moreover, the more opportunities the preschool provides, the more your child will develop and grow. The more on-ground and extra-curricular activities the school has, the better the learning opportunities are simply because it is an interactive, not mundane learning environment. This strengthens your child’s ability to grasp basic concepts without being mentally exhausted and makes them more open to learning.

3. Quality of faculty

Your child will be spending a major chunk of their weekdays at the nursery school you choose for them. Hence, you must know if the teachers and faculty that will be surrounding and teaching them are qualified enough and have the right skills and experience to provide a nurturing environment.

4. Admission requirements

In the contemporary world, nursery schools have their criteria for the selection of students! This can range from the basic requirement of your child knowing the alphabet, or the basic understanding of English before they enter preschool. Hence, when you seek pre-nursery admission in Gurgaon, ensure that you have a great start by going through the admission requirements of various schools. Make a checklist for the same so that you don’t miss out and start at least 6 months before the admission season to ensure you can give your child the required skills and that you don’t miss out!

5. Infrastructure and facilities

In the 21st century, infrastructure plays a monumental role in your child’s development, especially when it comes to learning and cognitive development. When the infrastructure is good, the learning process is smoother, friendlier, and somewhat easier. It isn’t enough to just have a fancy building, multiple aspects make up for good infrastructure and great facilities. These can include smart classrooms, cafeterias with a health-conscious inclination, gymnasium, elevators and facilities for specially-abled children, and much more. Make sure you check these out before finalizing a school!

6. Relevance and advancements

It is super important that the education that your child receives is relevant and in sync with the modern era. This means that the facilities and teaching methods should incorporate the latest technologies and advancements in the field of learning. This is important due to two main reasons. First, the teaching and learning experience is enhanced, high-quality, and interactive. Second, your child learns how to interact with these technologies which have an important use and relevance in the future. So you ensure your child is equipped with not just academic qualifications but also technological skills as they grow up!

7. Overall curriculum.

You must research the overall curriculum of the school because that is what your child will learn for the next couple of years. Apart from being academic-centric, it should also focus on the fact that it makes room for the holistic development and learning of your child. Decide if you want to go for the child-centric approach or a more traditional learning method.

8. Budget and financial constraints

The fee structure is the ultimate deciding factor because you want something that has the best of facilities but also is affordable. Moreover, your overall budget for your child’s education also comes into play. If you have financial constraints, consider schools that have an EMI option instead of lump-sum payments for the fees. Also, look for overhead and additional charges. Look for options with scholarships and financial aid in case schools provide that and research thoroughly to ensure that you don’t cause a financial debt while seeking pre-nursery admission in Gurgaon.

9. Location

Location is of paramount importance simply because if the school is too far away, the means of transport will be a problem, and your child will spend a major chunk of their day travelling, which can be mundane. Eight out of ten parents in the capital prefer a school close to their homes. This has a long list of advantages.

First, it saves time as your child spends less time commuting. It also saves you money due to less distance between the school and home. Moreover, your child can spend quality time with you and the rest of the family. It also ensures your child’s safety and ensures that they are not exposed to the loud nature of traffic, which can also be dangerous. Hence, choose a pre-nursery with a nearby location to ensure maximum convenience for you and your child.

Research these factors well and you are sure to choose the best and most appropriate nursery school for your little one. TSEY is one of the best preschools in Gurgaon with a vibrant infrastructure, experienced teachers and staff, and a nurturing environment to help your toddler grow and learn in a fun and engaging manner!

Things to consider for Gurgaon pre-nursery admissions

Gurgaon is one of the most high-profile cities in India and also home to some of the largest international affiliated schools in the country. The growing urbanization has given a boost to the educational sector in Gurgaon which has opened opportunities for parents to select from a wide number of schools to enroll their little ones around the city. Each school in Gurgaon is equipped with the best of its facilities and capabilities and works in the fruitful interest and well-being of its students. But, how do you find which is the right choice for your child’s future!

In recent years, the hectic scene of pre-nursery admission in Gurgaon, stressful procedures of forms, tests and interviews have become a common cause of stress for parents even before the kids turn the age of three. To help make the process a little easy and seamless for you, there are a few points that you need to know when you start looking at the choice of schools!

Top 5 things parents must consider for pre-nursery admission in Gurgaon

1. Child eligibility

The Directorate of Education follows a strict policy about any admission criterion. Private schools in Gurgaon accept children between the age of 3 to 4 as of 31st March of the year in which admission is sought. The child age criteria have been set by the Government to ensure all the children studying in a particular class have the same level of intelligence and development.

2. Narrow down the list of school choices

There are more than 300 private schools in Gurgaon and here’s what you should focus on that will help you narrow down your school search results:

  • Child-friendly - Your child’s comfort in the school environment should be your utmost priority. Visit the school of your choice and assess whether your little one can settle in the environment or not. In the initial years, it is advisable to pick a school that keeps an open friendly environment for kids!
  • Location - Distance from school to home should not tire your child and hence, a parent’s list of schools should include those that are within a radius of 5 to 10 km from their home.
  • School infrastructure - Take a school tour to learn about school management. Check what the school has to offer in terms of infrastructure, whether they follow a traditional education approach or belong to the new age schools and more. Many schools in Gurgaon organize open houses for parents to give them a chance to see the management of the school from the inside. Due to the current global pandemic situation, these facilities may be unavailable but few schools have started giving virtual tours and virtual trial classes for kids.
  • Education board affiliation - Decide upon the choice out of a number of boards: CBSE, IB, CISCE, IGCSE.
  • Balance of academics and co-curricular - A mix of academics and co-curricular activities like dance, arts, music, sports should be available to the little ones for their overall development.

An answer to the above questions will help parents narrow down search results.

3. Annual fee charges

This is yet another important factor to consider before applying for Gurgaon pre-nursery admissions. As a parent, you need to decide what fee structure you can afford for the best education of your little one and on a long-term basis.

4. Study the admission process

Different schools across Gurgaon start their pre-nursery admission in different months. Keep a check on the deadline, selection lists, results, and other dates of importance. Try to engage with parents about each school, check the school’s website regularly and keep checking phones and emails regularly during the admission season to not miss any important news!

5. Apply to many schools

As we are all aware, private schools are home to the most complex admission processes. It is evident that there is going to be a huge crowd and with each school posing a unique admission process, it becomes quite challenging for the parents. So, it’s important to have a few names on your list.

It may still not be easy to pick and choose the best school for your child. But fret not, make a list of your top choices and fill the application form accordingly. Also, it is a wise decision to keep your options open as the chance to secure a seat in some of the schools may be minimal.

Anyone looking for the best preschools in Gurgaon, The Shri Ram Early Years is a top choice. At TSEY, we have two admission groups - The Nanhe Kadam - equivalent to Play-group is the first one while the second is Badhte Kadam - equivalent to Pre-Nursery. Enroll your child at TSEY - one of the most prestigious schools in Gurgaon. You want the best for your kid, and at TSEY, that’s exactly what we’re here to offer! Enroll today or for any admission-related queries, do reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you. You can also write to us -!

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    Sohna - Gurgaon Rd,

    Sector 48, Gurugram, Haryana 122018

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